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I Am Santo

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Flush with beauty. Sun-kissed, body thriving. Dreams of Heaven’s corridors, so close. So close. Falling. Sought and found. Careening bliss. Hunger exposed, appetite sated. Sweat and breath. Longing. Sleeplessness, worry stones heavy in stomach. Plummeting. Always gorgeous, but failing. In light. In desire. In hope. Failing and upended, dropped into the sky. Passing misty beliefs. Grasping, clawing for the retreating Earth. Losing sight of home. Broken. Yearning. Stuck in orbit, spying through glass the familiar, the absent. Eyes cry rain, the world curdling with each drop. #sky #dawn #clouds #sunrise #daybreak #poem #poetry #writer #writing #literary_original #literary_imagery1 (at Ruin)

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