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Don’t go. Never stray from our sides, granting us stung smiles, a constant display of thrilling humor and unabashed ridiculousness. Be here always, warm heart. Accept the eye-rolls and calamity with quiet cuddles on cold nights, be our kindness. Greet friends with head down, accepting hands instinctively poised to scratch the scruff of you, and startle strangers with aggressions by design; the loud and frenzied display that you are here, that this is your home. We know you’ll leave someday, but don’t. You belong here, breathing, eyes attentive, strong worship despite our folly, uncaring of our worries, fluid in your song of devotion. We need you. We always will. Memories won’t be strong enough, the stain of our tears temporary when the dent in our hearts threatens to drive us mad with the need to coddle you again, nuzzle close and see your knowing that everything is right, that belonging is bliss we take for granted. #irispad #day25 #sept25 #pets #love #cute #eulogyforafriend #goodbyemax Deepest condolences @jennsummer from The Santos, Biko the dickass included. (at No Goodbye)

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