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Could it be believed, the way the day transported us? The way it buoyed our stubborn souls on blankets of downy mist that rolled out of view like sheets left in passion’s wake? We spun in chaotic ribbons of light that flexed with our need across the striated order of days. Disobeying the flat rule of hours, the precise delineation of up and down, left and right, night and day, we straddled the heavens in locked bliss, teased at the door of God with shaking hands, sunk our teeth into the shoulder of Nature and begged for more disorder. Beauty rolled below us where it was hidden from sight for the rest of the world. How delicious a secret, yet an unveiling promises to awaken this sleep infected world; our discovery suspending hopes in defiance of obligation’s gravity. Our revelation the beauty of chance design. #poem #poetry #sky #clouds #airplane #sun #literary_imagery #light #nature #stunning #writer #writing #thisiswhatyougetfromawindowseat #flying (at Overhead)

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