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There is nothing unreasonable in love And isn’t that what this is about? That bubble of warmth Like the swallow of spirits Disarming the overcranked mind, Lulling it like a babe at dusk And opening the thick skin Of jaded indifference And such callous belief That the heart, Encrusted in the rigid carapace Of longing […]

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Birth or death? The soul is set free regardless, shimmering in the refracted gold edges of a beginning, an end. The most beautiful fear felt walking the dread line, balancing hope on each step when a plummet into life – or out if it – hinges on single moves, perfect decisions. Crisis circus, a cascade […]

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Could it be believed, the way the day transported us? The way it buoyed our stubborn souls on blankets of downy mist that rolled out of view like sheets left in passion’s wake? We spun in chaotic ribbons of light that flexed with our need across the striated order of days. Disobeying the flat rule […]

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