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I Am Santo

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Clasped in clandestine embrace, a knot with no release and fused souls entwine, singing a silent chorus reverberating through nervous figures. Tensions at the sight of each other. Wringing hands, sweat beading, shifting weight on tense heels, awaiting connection. Breath arrests at simple admissions, commonalities, spirit sightings and courteous discourse. No apparition, no absence of affection, a heart swells with the prospect of shared futures. Fingers unclench with worry, seek others and loosely fit together with belonging. Days melt to nights in comfortable bond, sleep cast after lost composure, the shared nakedness of desires bleeding into rhythmic sighs. Hands stay close, hopeful discovery of the fit of home. Connect and die, ever wrapped into another. #irispad #knot #hands #love #poem #poetry #clasped #fingers #locked #writer #writing #imageandwords (at Prospects)

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