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Callie believed in dreams. She would watch clouds pass overhead and the way the sun faded and strengthened behind gray cotton, and she’d make a wish whenever she could see it without squinting; an orb of unimaginable power staring from Heaven like the eye of God. Then she’d think of Damon, his sea blue eyes and the way he threw his head back when he laughed, the mop of his hair shaggily revealing his face as if a curtain being opened. Callie would ask the sun to change direction, to set in the East and rise in the West so time would spin back to before the funeral, before the accident, before their argument, returning her to the day when they had the beach to themselves and he kissed her from her mouth, to her jaw, down her neck, and over her breasts. Her own sun ignited within her then, ablaze as he worked his way down to the center of her yearning. He boldly removed her bathing suit and moved his mouth there, tasting her until she clutched at the hot sand and shuddered as if the air were robbed of oxygen. That’s when Callie would go back to; that exact moment. She would feel the rise of her body meet his jaw, her solar center turned supernova inside her, and then she’d not open her eyes. Not see the wreckage of a tree washed upon the beach long ago. Callie would arrest the thoughts of how it looked like a wrecked car compressed at ajunk yard; crushed, but with jagged edges and metal tangles. Because that’s when she set things in motion. That’s why she would never smile at, embrace, laugh with or taste Damon again. Because at her heights, the sun heard a nightmare of a daydream and robbed her of goodbye. If only it would listen again.


My collaboration fever continues, this time with the help of the captivating @alwayschiroptera who provided me with this stunning self portrait to write to. As usual, I did the edit (using Mextures this time) and the story grew from that. Here’s hoping we can do more together!

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