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Aftermath: The read through

The read-through on Friday, Dec. 13 went rather well, even if it was sabotaged by my own absent-mindedness earlier in the week. Because I’d neglected to include Justin Grace on the email list for the picture, he had no idea what our schedule was looking like. Speaking with him on Friday. he was disheartened he couldn’t join the rest of the cast, but was still looking forward to being a part of the production. I was very glad to see he hadn’t given up on things despite the rather huge communication error!

Pat and I are most pleased with the cast. For the first time, I got to meet Sara Ashton who is an actress that Pat brought into the production from the get-go. Very articulate and sweet, she makes the perfect Penelope and an excellent foil to the character of Al. And might I say this – since I first met Zach Lawrence this past Spring when he read for “More Than Money’s Worth,” he has become a really good actor. Sheri Carter, Pat and myself all thought his read on Al was spot-on, even during the read-through.

The newcomers were good too… but all will need some refining. Michael is new to the game, so he’s looking for couching, but he’s got the raw emotions that make up George down pat. Erik has a really difficult job in making the rather unlikable Nick very likable and charismatic for his one scene. I’m interested in seeing how well he does with it, since he was coming close in the read-through. Finally, Nikki Sella has the hardest job – she has to stay bubbly and superficial for the most part, but then show this real sadness and emotionality in one rather intense scene. It’s a great opportunity for her, and if she works at it, I believe she will make it work.

The final piece of the location puzzle fell into place on Friday as well. Come December 23, we’ll be shooting at the historic Rosebud Diner in Davis Square, Somerville. This place is one of the best-known diners in New England and to be permitted to bring our cameras in there is a huge honor. I, for one, am completely psyched.

Well, starting time this Saturday is 10:00 am at the Roslindale location. We’re scheduled for 7 hours or so and will have Gail Simone, Justin and Nikki on tap. Nikki has to be covered with caked blood. It should make for a horrific vision as she’s so cute usually.

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