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You Say You(th) Want a Revolution

At play in the fields
Of the lord and the ladies
Drinking life from roads
Like wheels of a Mercedes
Picking pebbles from teeth
Like pirates pick their maties
Dining on booty
Like histories on the Euphrates
Say these
Words, in operable cadence
One man’s tantrum
Is another one’s patience
Like a terminal patient’s
Enduring procedures
For the good of a nation’s
Bottom line
By design
Hooking sinkers every time
The gullible in free fall
Deductibles taking all
Like winners at poker
Straight faced, they broke her
A bank account emptied
With a waved super soaker.
Know her?
I hardly showed her!
D to a V
Like spit on a flame thrower.
More like an A to a Z
Than any trip to B
I dreamt of C
Like it was Jeannie
And I was Larry Hagman
Before JR and any shot taken
Before Bobby’s death
Cured by shower recreation.
Spoiler alert!
Ernie’s going down on Bert
When the cameras are off
And look, no one’s been hurt
Or the wiser
You miser
Hoarding values
Like Kaiser;
What’s right for you
Ain’t right for some.
Take it in the mouth
Or take it in the bum.
It’s not skin off this back
Or wind on this road
Just things afoot
Where crops are sowed,
Of the lords and the ladies
Living life cocaine high
Like it’s the late nineteen-eighties
Swallowing American Beauties
Like a hundred Kevin Spaceys
While the rest of all y’all
Shop at malls without Macy’s.
Say cheese
You’re next on the price is wrong
So take another
Long, long hit from the bong
And wait to exhale
Like you was Whiney Houston
While the rich Bobby Brown you
Into bathtub boozing.
But even the losers
Get lucky at losing
Or so they say
But today y’all snoozing.
Guess any revolution better wait
Because change ain’t no piece o’ cake
And that high road that rids the ache
Also makes damn sure you never wake.
Sleep tight, little baby
Don’t say any words
They’re all outta fairness
And mockingbirds.
They are all outta promises
So here’s some whey and curds.
They are all out of seconds
So be happy with thirds.

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