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Were this Halloween he might have felt cool holding a gun with a silencer attached. Instead, he felt stupid and dangerous. Without looking at the money, he pulled another, larger brown-wrapped package from the pots and pans storage bin below the oven and tucked it into his pants, giving him the aspect of a child sneaking something into a house. It was time to go. He slipped the gun into his pocket and pulled his sweater down, feeling like a demented Santa Claus. His eyes scanned the apartment one last time to ensure he wasn’t leaving behind any cookies and milk, and then Simon was sure not to step in any blood as he left. Behind him he felt ghosts whispering their disapproval. live streaming film John Wick: Chapter 2 2017

Outside, the world moved about its business oblivious to his secrets which felt like neon at a funeral. He hurried to his car and cringed at the door’s geriatric groan. Simon realized he could get a new car soon. He could buy a house, free and clear. In a better neighborhood. In a place where they all belonged and with the kids in a better school. All it took was follow through and courage, the kind one summons for his family. Kaily’s smile. Alec’s giggle. These he had fought for, uphill each day. And here was, his chance to step out of the margins, into the body of living comfortably and all he had to do was pull a trigger and run to write his ticket to a better life. It was simple mechanics, as easy as striking rock with a pickax or stacking bricks. Muscle and reflex. Make it quick and the target wouldn’t suffer at all. He thought of himself as lightning or a flood, a force of nature unfeeling and without any mercy. Pulling the gun from his pocket and the money from his pant waist, he placed them in his glove box among some old CD’s, pens that didn’t work and hastily folded inspection receipts. Simon gripped the steering wheel and felt invincible, an earthquake about to strike, a fire ready to burn. (To be continued…)

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