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Tool Truth

A pen, resting on the open, written pages of a journal
Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lens
There’s no science or measure to this art, only a simple tool threading together words as woven sentences, the paragraph trapping warmth and burning hours in captive bliss. No hammer strike, rule of measure, sawed pieces or precision of note, but the discordant noise of a thousand bodiless voices clamoring for refuge in ink-stained pulp. Ideas take root in hastily strewn letters loosed between thin lines of order. Seek the chaos, beg for logic, straighten the circumstance and breathe, it will absorb their tales, immersing page and mind in new experience coveted by the routine. Caress the standard with confident hands, draw gasps of surprise and quicken pulse through each crafted moment, each fiction spilled forth from tiny, hidden crevices of truth; a mirror without glass that reflects everything untold.

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