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I Am Santo

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This flesh is worship, the welcome melody of a hymnal vibrance like a tuning fork struck by the hand of God; a note carrying lust in the hearts of feeble Angels and men. Oh how she awakens them. The diligent stagger in the whirlwind of their lust, a pained procession of attentiveness that fails at her feet like the last wave of high tide, reaching only so far before slowly receding back into the blur of common desires, for homes, wives, children, and the love of a God that will assure them all will be rewarded, this faith and honor, this duty. They’ll recall this pursuit in their interrupted slumber while watching the clock peel minutes away slowly as the sky fades from black to new day. They’ll think about her lying there next to them, her dark eyes searching their withered souls and rejuvenating a failing sex, the scent of her honeydew skin haunting their quickening breath. Oh how these men have slept with their eyes open and their hearts empty of passion, the knocking in their chest hollow and driving the blood of boredom through their humorless veins. They pretend at breathing, at whispering secrets, at caring, but the slump in their shoulders speak of an aspect betrayed by life, the way morning fog is by the sun. They’ve melted under the homogony of expectations and compromise, but still a coal burns bright somewhere in their memory and it’s her; that one that got away, her scent in the air like a ghost that turns their skin to warm gooseflesh and their cocks to hungry scabbards. A voice, low and filtered by the burn of too many cigarettes growls to them in these quiet moments. She says remember how it was. Remember when the days didn’t have to end of begin, when sunlight meant beauty and obligation was an opened door or an offered jacket. Remember the newness of a first kiss, the lesson of lips and tongues finding rhythm and of hands on unfamilar skin. Oh baby, don’t live only in the now, but remember when life wavered in every direction as if you were at sail in the middle of the sea, the breeze taking you anyplace while caressing your face like these fingers. Remember and live like this again. Remember. Remember.
(at Glory)

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