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This city took more than it gave. The streets were paved in old hope but cracked from the impact of dying dreams that dared float too close to the sun. They all were Icarus and his seared hubris, but their crime was faith. Faith in the system. Faith in the idea of things improving. Caleb had been watching kids die here for twenty-four years and after talking with Greg across the way about his plan to finally get out of dodge, he looked up at a resplendent sun tearing through the clouds and felt a rain of sorrow washing over him. Yet he was still filthy with idealism. It wasn’t the people, he told himself time and again. It was the circumstance. Dead ends. No money. These cracks everywhere and this Goddamn sun casting shadows so long it was impossible for someone like that kid down the street to keep going. He just had to give up. Wrapping himself up in chains and concrete, what was that? A message. A sign that this wasn’t a home for dreamers anymore and it hadn’t been for a long, long time. Dinah had left for San Francisco six years ago, shattering their own dreams on the avenue like they were car windows on a summer¬†Saturday night. But the truth was this place broke everything, the sun’s light a chimera in plain sight, dragging your gaze to blindness and then gnawing on the entrails of dreams. None of them were free there. Encased in brick and helplessness, they either held onto each other, fought for stale breadcrumbs of desire, or fled, their bags packed or their casket lid closed. Caleb was too old to let an absense of hope pull him to the sea the way it did that kid, so he supposed he too needed to move on like Greg was doing. Otherwise he was counting cracks while hiding in shadows, a gorgeous sun bathing him in dry tears and dessicated promises.¬†download movie War for the Planet of the Apes 2017

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