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I Am Santo

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There was life before this. Before chaos and exhaustion, glee and pride. Steps taken, responsibilities met, goals achieved and abandoned. Then it all changed, a butterfly hatch in the blink of an eye; shrill squeals of new life bouncing off sterile walls aglow in blonding fluorescence. Blood and pain yeilding to unparalleled joy and tears. Oh, that rush of fear! The overwhelming wave broken and drowning these unready senses in fresh new depths. There’s death at birth! The selfishness of early years wheezing into memory, sometimes recalled in rose tinted reminiscence during sleepless spells and fevers of frustration, when the mind quakes at the threshold of another argument, another bill, another clash over care. Yet no low vissitude unsettles the calm waters of such devotion; it’s gold in a life of copper, true blessing in a world of vacant prayer. In your bliss, son, I found more meaning than any whispered affection at the height of desire. And in my actions guaranteeing your safety and learning, I have discovered a strength greater than any in myth, more overwhelming than the passions of Gods or heros. This love is stronger than gravity, with more reach than light. And in the vast, lonely cosmos of now, where the cold of an empty bed is haunted by the ghosts of warmth and the killing stroke of poor decisions, there is the sun, the son, giving life to the drifting rock of this heart; oceans teeming with hope, a sky filled with promise and land alive with possibility. You are disorder in the void, reason where there was none, and I care nothing for the universe or its rules as long as you are safe and know love. Thanking you is like thanking The chance and happenstance that allowed each molecule of us to coalesce in the here and now as we are: sentient and sublimely fortunate to know life, beautifully blessed to understand affection. No night is dark enough to dispel my heart’s glow for you. We are eternal in this mighty scheme, you spun from me and I forever thankful for the energy bled, a supernova losing its sheen for the birth of an ever brighter star; a celestial tide pulling back to reveal the gleaming sands of tomorrow. (at Thank You)

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