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There should have been no surprise, for the way the knife plunged deep and without mercy could only happen when one heart was as exposed as it was. And it beat so strong, so hard for you. It was a kettle drum in an amphitheater, where your strings danced, strummed, plucked and then bowed into long morning. For your hurt were tones played low, but still the boom boom boom of this core shattered any fault, lines shifting, notes falling, plates colliding, metronomes deafened and worlds defined. In the cacophony, divinity rose, bloomed, spread loving arms and embraced a world that strove to tear petals from these entwined hearts. “She loves, she loves not. She loves. She loves not.” And not, and not and not again, until the fragile reality of together crumbled like ancient ruins under accelerated nature’s wrath. A Parthenon of lust, a Giza pyramid of care, an Aztec temple of will; all returned to the Earth as loose stone robbed of destiny. Lying on the banks of indifference, those rapids polish the jagged edges of belonging, smoothing scars and making it impossible to merge again, puzzle tabs missing and slots left empty. And so you watch the world through eyes that will never shine again with the fierce ardor once conjured. And so all of it lays as rubble in the wake of these ferocious storms where love so violently still seizes this heart and screams new, different, silent calls of longing into the vacant great hall once filled by such vining song, such dear melody and titanic bombast. An ear turned away, you step out, closing the door on yesterday, immune to the symphony of hope still playing for you as all this sinks into the raging gray and white sea of ugly tomorrow. The captain must go down with the ship, pockets weighted with the thick, heavy stones of your fossilized affection; drowning while carrying a tune weightier than any promise, the dagger of your surrender finally loosening and lost in the pitch depths of lonely. And that heart stopped beating, another stone in an ocean. Another loss without hope for recovery. (at Too Dead)

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