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The last thing he saw was the last thing he ever wanted to see. She, on bent knees, prowling like a cat in the wild, but not desperate or hungry. A well fed cat. Confident. Relaxed. The night outside was cast in the glow of streetlights, their orange bent into umber by the low ceiling of the evening rains. Harold heard tires slither through the wet streets, the lion’s roar of plane engines overhead, and as she approached he realized this was indeed a concrete jungle. He’d foresaken the clean lines and architecture of his far away home for the untamed angles and heightened awareness of the city; a known, long future of routine for the pulse-pounding threat of now. An explorer, he’d cut through the thick vines of personal ads over countless years from countless places; the Ponce de Leon of newsprint with she his fountain of youth. He cobbled together the clues as if tracking her scent, the urban legends that led to her dark labrynth where he set foot willingly and offered himself to her. As she bent over him and he fell into her stare, helplessness creeping into his limbs like pins and needles, he uttered the practiced incantation. She suddenly arrested her descent upon him, hovering, stunned. She smiled. “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that.” And Harold smiled too, for he had succeeded where Ponce de Leon had failed. Forever youth was to be his; forever life with her. She fed off him and when he died, she thanked whatever fool it was that invented the myth of immortality. The taste of hope was even better than that of lust.


This is my second collaboration with @mirage__egarim, who is both lovely and fantastic for being game for this fun series of microfictions! Thank you, @mirage__egarim for the opportunity to edit and write to your pictures. Wonderfully inspiring and a nice departure for me as a writer! I hope others enjoy reading as much as I do writing these!

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