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The Blur of Right and Wrong

sharp focus on a weed growing with traffic lights behind it in bokeh
Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lens
Diffuse signals bark for order, drawing lines to their colors and filtering progress carefully in measure, as if life were a genius recipe demanding exact quantities to impress flavor. Commands echo, trapped behind pressed eyelids swarming with thoughts of futures spun ahead, in sight but disallowed to dissolve the present. Sharpened by indifference, growth mocks design, reaching for parted gray skies, spine straight, roots dug into impossible concrete crags. Life blooms regardless of direction, following its own rhythm unheard by our march kept pace by steady rule. Stop. Go. Safely proceed. Embrace instruction, despite the reward of stepping out of line, autonomy known only to the ignorant, the natural, the free.

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