I Am Santo

Fiction, poetry, music and mindscape pictures by creative artist Jason Santo

Choke choke cough
Rip this fucking roof off.
Take it like the Grand Moff
Who’s barkin’
Orders to destroy and remarkin’
How Alderaan
Was like the Taliban
Rooting in Afghanistan.
Hiding in caves
Making big waves
Overseas dancing in raves,
But goddamn the party
The arty
Get hearty.
And they dance, bitches
Like Pedro’s hall of fame pitches
Leaving crowds in stitches.
Oh you think this is funny?
This dimestore honey?
It’s all spent money.
Because fuck it,
This dumped bucket
Is an oyster, so shuck it.
And be aware
That a lingering stare
Is the creepy ass glare
That she don’t want.
Your desires haunt
Like that restaurant
Dish never ordered!
Hope drawn and quartered
Your libido gravely unsupported!
So sink
Under spilled ink
And let everyone think
That your life is unwed glory
The big winner’s story
Beliefs gone hoary.
Pull my finger,
You’ll get a ringer
Pulled out the bee stinger
And lapped up some venom.
Those rules, you bent ‘em.
Wearin’ cheap-ass denim
On Sundays
Remember it’s the Lord’s daze
Run through verses like rats in a maze
In grace
How sweet the race
You run like bow-tied lace.
Get sprayed with mace mint
Halitosis thoughts tint
A lazy, sidesaddle mind
Now time to unwind
Thinkin’ ’bout Taylor Swift’s behind.
You feel me.
You know you heal me.
C’mon and seal me
In a bank vault
It ain’t my fault
My faith’s in mid-somersault!
And I’m off.
Like a pig in a trough.
Choke choke cough.
Choke choke cough.


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