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These wishes for you near, they are becoming habits. Captured memories of your fingertips tracing the lines of my body, I feel you in the almost of the air, quietly beckoning. And these sensations, summoned like spring at the end of summer, they are immutable, a constant reminder of wisdom within our fire. Whether ember […]

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All this fucking sin squeels Like a pig gutted in the charnel house and you you dive like the sun at the failure of day, a bastard clinging to the light you never deserved, an orphan screaming about her perfect parents, the moon and the stars, and how aligned they were In you slow, succumbing […]

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This structure bitches cross-depth, mortar interrupted like sin on Sundays, the finest structure of faith the loosest kind of failed brick against nature. Arrogance is faith in anything other than roots. Blessings tear at peripheral high-standing. Were there lovers in the cracks then maybe it stood a chance at permanence, but chaos fills like rain, […]

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