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I’ve left time even as it tries to eddy around me. I consider the tick of seconds, the rounding of hours and the rise and fall of the sun as a tide pulling away forever. Such linear confines, we instead discover ourselves swimming in a present stretching in every direction with our every interaction; pebbles […]

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Make Them Cry Holy Tears

Heavens pale As light-leaked frailties, Coarse afterthoughts after sullen failures, Sunsets lost behind cloudcover. Let them. Those dieties can fade Into antiquity With the hushed sweep Of hot breath Dancing on flushed skin. This lust breeds wildfire synergy An all-consuming swallow Of flame over each alleged sin, Betraying wholeness with need, A craving that burns […]

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Swimming in the sweat of God There’s delight Under palms, Against the body, Held aloft as the salt Boueys  Reminding the restless That there’s a place of belonging Lurking around each  Staggering day. Empty kisses and  The graceless fuck Make waves, Patch the deistic sea With freshwater That pulls like whirlpools Into the drowning of […]

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