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INDIFFERENT Plucked from the vine and minus all thorns to protect, this heart blooms, arteries threading petal limbs and grabbing for belonging. It doesn’t choose, but wheeling stars and the curve of destiny craft felony ghosts moving this way and that, through and passed, skin absent yet intention reaching deep; pulling, teasing, holding, coaxing, unfurling […]

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Look there, out on the road A cataract view of love Corroded and collapsing with uttered disdain For each gesture made; What a low fool. He stoops, knees bent and worn reducing himself to pinch-measure ego, Self-worth summed in the thin space Between thumb and index. What a pressed fuck. What spineless affability, Tiptoeing on […]

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No. Not here and not ever will those hands shake as they are, as if Hell breathed an updraft and the coward heart bloomed with rage and fire, shrieking limbs and tearing the mind into everywhere but home, where the beggar unfurls truth and fantasy, hope and ecstasy and the blessed receive baptism under a […]

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