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Our sky is then and endless, A stretch of blue day And a limitless reach Into overwhelming history Among the shimmering winks Of forgotten suns. Our Earth is now and finite, A patch of brown Swallowed in triumphant aquamarine And stamped by The footfalls, fumbles and foibles Of topspun today; The homogenous now Of letters […]

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He’d traveled because there was nothing left for him at home. Alec often wondered about the sky and how the clouds migrated from there to here, and he’d watch the trails of jets high above dissipate in the late evening sky, the sun’s gorgeous indifference coloring the world in bold magenta as the paths to […]

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Birth or death? The soul is set free regardless, shimmering in the refracted gold edges of a beginning, an end. The most beautiful fear felt walking the dread line, balancing hope on each step when a plummet into life – or out if it – hinges on single moves, perfect decisions. Crisis circus, a cascade […]

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