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CARBON Have you got a dime, Or do I have to call collect To dial back this surging lust A staticless connection Highwiring between faraway hearts That tiptoe across The perilous sinew That ropes muscle and bone to intention And throttles the loss Of presence. We’re ghosts in the night Swaying like reeds under a […]

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It was gleeful,¬† This delight. The hand finding wet, The body curling under¬† Each hot kiss And confident breath Bred from decades of waiting. She sung high quiet Into a pillow stained with lipstick And the smear of mascara. The moans of approaching release A chorus of measured patience eroding As cliff ledges falling To […]

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Scattered angels litter ghost feathers, onionskin intention and the balance of hope. Searching for the craze of flesh, the drunken whirl of freedom, late nights and bold decisions seduce from shadows borne of daydreams. The quake of release teases each moment, shedding loyalties, gowns of silk mourning craven attraction, gathered in a pool of failed […]

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