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Cork pop. Spill. Blood dilute. Like oil in the pooling crimson of a slaughtered deer. Gluttony quakes in rolls of terpitude. Flesh cries for touch, a soul starved. And at night, peril stars careen off track, winking in long streaks as if baiting the lost to keep following. Bliss is somewhere in the endless, but […]

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Awake. Moonlight assaults and cold, so cold and shaking. Maybe from the air. Maybe from the sin of still caring. Carried there to here on the creaking stretcher of consciousness and delivered, sweating, breathing fast into now; horrific now, the creeping, inky unfathomable space of drowning above the surface. Hands pull, never tearing, but crushing […]

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Careful. Don’t press this day like a nail underfoot. Watch each step. The pain will relent once the weight shifts, left, on the other leg, away from the sun and its perilous truths that stitch across a bruising sky with short arcs; seams leaking longing. Be mindful. Bring full force down and pain will shred […]

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