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This lust. It’ll kill. This quick sting of cupid’s quill. This longing for the hurry and still. This caving in and shattered will. To argue is to fail, to hold cheap umbrellas against hail and pray to God with a wail, a cry, a hunger and skin drawn pale. Sheet white, sweat glistening, the wonder […]

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Our edges are smoothed by fierce wind. Weather beaten, the drama of our rise still a monument to inevitable passion, collision, ascension. The Earth cracked and shivered with the sky as our salvation, and clinging together, calamitous hearts steadied into one beat that set rhythm to years of striving. Our shadows cast long, we spilled […]

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It’s assumed what could be done was done to create such art. That reason sits behind the infallible Nature of the clay-like sand, the tranquil lapping of crystal waters, the jutting snow-capped peaks and the white clouds blossoming in the blue field of perfect sky. And in enters man, in steps woman; their desire for […]

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