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It’s all owed to you. The carry and sacrifice and the frightening tear of nature that untethers life from your own, like planets spun from suns. You, that sun, that center around which we orbit, sing and dance. How you are loved. Don’t you know? Regardless of the way we drift, as if comets loosed […]

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I am the fire king, nourished on tendrils of burning loss. Smoke animating my shuddering presence, I dance to the rhythm of misfortune and scare hope away, tearing into dreams with a carrion-stained beak reeking of swallowed torment. Yet I starve here in the long grass of distant retreat, the days unkind to my crown; […]

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Life stems from fire. All of it burns and dances its way through unrepentant Hellshade to grab hold of something glorious, a day’s worship, the hour’s promise and a minute’s delight. The sky spills her desire, a flood of careless lust and the seas lick at her beauty, warmth melting her defenses until the fire […]

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