I Am Santo

Fiction, poetry, music and mindscape pictures by creative artist Jason Santo

These wishes for you near,
they are becoming habits.

Captured memories of your fingertips
tracing the lines of my body,
I feel you in the almost
of the air,
quietly beckoning.

And these sensations,
summoned like spring
at the end of summer,
they are immutable,
a constant reminder
of wisdom within our fire.

Whether ember or flame,
diligently fueling,
A wholeness to our effort,
fusion to our cracks.
The luxury I find in that is you here,
in this that we are making.

This corner of a season,
this rebuke of loneliness,
where the mind walks,
the heart leaps,
and the body comes.
Each tendril of heat
a promised embrace.

Oh, how I welcome it,
praying for these moments,
to carry me through the mundane,
to lighten the weight of the burden of your absence.
This, a distant second, to tangled limbs and shared air,
to desire matched and met.

A wish calls powers
greater than us for deliverance.
A dream begs reality for a chance.
This is action, baby.
And the flint-struck spark of our lips,
our bodies,
our souls
labels this our time
despite the Earth’s turn,
regardless of the sun’s direction.


A collaboration with the very gifted and lovely @jesmegs who, whenever we write together, bends my style her way. She’s got more heart in a single verse than I usually do in entire pieces. I did the photo weirdness and we traded off verse, so it starts with her and alternates until I finished at the end. Thank you as always for fun challenge, Jessica. Always a pleasure.

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