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Triumphant as rivulets, They’re only so good as one. Beautiful? Sure. But progress isn’t easy On the slow side that’s alone. The dragged down. The fallen. The desperate stretch for another To collapse into, Connect, Pool together And conjur the merciful wet Reminding the numb Of alive, Of breathing. Merge and curl, Supple flesh heaving, […]

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Look there, out on the road A cataract view of love Corroded and collapsing with uttered disdain For each gesture made; What a low fool. He stoops, knees bent and worn reducing himself to pinch-measure ego, Self-worth summed in the thin space Between thumb and index. What a pressed fuck. What spineless affability, Tiptoeing on […]

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Each one of these days pounds ego and heart into puddles spilled roadside and forgotten once the air dries. Sun beaten, any sign of pain erases. No splash made, these are the despised hours where an ocean’s weight drowns past promise. The gray was summoned! Greed and desire cracked each dam and then there’s surprise […]

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