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So you’ll see one day
A light faded
A body weakened 
Under the frailty of half truths uttered
And fear that coursed through veins
More than blood.
Maybe you’ll forgive 
Or pity the collapsed shell of him.
Or maybe there’ll be a reckoning 
With tears loosed from eyes
Collecting in tidal pools
Where the moon holds no providence,
Where the heart 
Turns away from pure desire
And faces one side only
To hungry interlopers
Hell-bent on feeding their worth
With the ease of his crooked grin.
The dark side of the heart,
Remains unseen even to him
But you’ve charted the terrain,
Seen things even he can’t know.
You pulled him from the sky,
Freed him from the binding gravity
Of a firmament of dissatisfaction
And he breaths now
Star-stained gasps 
And looks inward by the light
Of your tiny wonder.
Each world, you will say
Is a construction of a beautiful God.
Merciful, benevolent, all knowing
Because we each are God
And our eyes set day in motion.
It doesn’t have to fail, you will say.
It doesn’t have to be closed.
But his broken chest,
Iron-clad and impenetrable
To palsy truths
Shaking worse than gaunt fingers
Stays locked.
From joy,
From care,
From gentle words and kindness.
You will smile and forgive, 
You will have to,
Because this haunt 
Will otherwise find you.
And suddenly it comes clear,
That in the mirror it was never him at all
It was you.
Forgiveness isn’t your charge
It’s his
And a heart must yield its secrets
Not to the son
But to the father
Shattering this contagious Hell
Like glass in Heaven.
Survive, you will say.
I already have, he answers.
For you.
(at Vigil)

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