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A tree and the sun, reflected in the ripples of a river
Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lens
Refrain from interrogating the course of things, this stream of rippling mirror projecting upside down worlds of infinite possibility. It’s familiar, the lines of each direction, the flavor of responsibility, the sweet sting of obligation and resultant pride of accomplishment, yet the free fall beckons, unclear of view, but quivering forms of suggestion seducing curiosity with crooked grin and exposed skin. Diving into the blue means drowning or rebirth, and security demands lock-legged obedience. The sun rises to darkness, stars lost in a reflected blur obscuring detail, a lack of definition so alluring that swimming cannot be denied. Embracing tides, chilled by wet rushing, air secondary to a newly adopted nature, new days start with the plummet of a shimmering sun. Safer to watch and dream liquid release.

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