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Songs for the Colt – Fall 1992 Mix (19920903)

Originally a 60 minute cassette mix. Side 1: “On Our Way to Walgreens.” Side 2: “A Little Variety.” On Spotify, this mix was corrupted by what I consider a pretty inferior revision to “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss” by P.M. Dawn, so I’m preserving the original sound of the mix by including the album version of the song from 1991!

Form my “Mix Journbal,” dated January 5,1995:

Lisa’s 1991 Plymouth Colt was one of the most important players in our relationship. Not merely because it was there when the first flicker of flame kicked up between us, and not because we used to fool around in the pulled down back seats, but mostly just because it brought her to me when it was time to see her. As of late, the Colt has seen more fights than it has positive exchanges of make-out sessions, yet when I think of the car, I think about the early, happy days, some of which are actually captured on film with Lisa and I posing on top of the car.


Fall 1992 Mix

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