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Platinum is rare. Rarer still is a trip outside the confines of Earth’s pull. Then there’s the fleeting sight of a God particle afforded by the apex of human ingenuity. So much fleeting transience, incalculably invaluable. None of it comparing to tender moments with this feline terror. Made docile by night’s increasingly early descent and the cool crisp of autumn, he curls up, wet nose seeking warmth and eyes squinted shut with purring affection. His claws will seek sharpening on skin and cloth, ears bent backward for playful combat and concussive ruin. But for a moment he was weightless, shiny, and a greater force than could be summoned by science. Sweetness pursues a pet’s every breath, every blink and curl of foot and tail. Patience awards greatest gifts, and we embrace in the shimmer of our kindness, our nature. #irispad #day16 #sept16 #pet #daylateandabuckshort #clicheashell #thanksmichelleko #cat #feline #cute #sweet #poem #poetry #writer #writing #peasinapod (at Biko)

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