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No death here. Capillaries still carried oxygenated blood from lungs expanding, deflating, inhaling, exhaling. And what a wonder of life this continued existence plays out despite sorrow, the profound sunken surrender to circumstance and the shocking belly shown. Were a knife brandished, steel would have split the softest parts of flesh and soul, spilling years worth of nurturing the way a drone strike does in some desert land. Who cares? The dead. And the faith of decisions made can’t be questioned, only justified, like the kid that returns on the last bus from L.A. after a stint at dreams. Were it not for the hustle and exuberance of this short-patience love, this dynamic fire lit by the tinder of such perfectly matched flint and stone, it’s possible the fire might seem incidental, a spark of chaos; spit flame from entropy. It’s nothing of the sort. Divinity is myth, but belonging is the keystone holding the arch of tomorrow complete. And by God, it was pulled through transparent condemnation, the whole thing toppling the way the considerate knock over their own pawns. What a life. Such demeaning insistence placed on chemistry and common interest, the bee to stamen only to discover pollen was poison. It wasn’t always, but death has a way of letting things live because it cares little for accrual; it wants pain alone. And the only ones that feel loss are those still drawing breath. Yet it’s still parched, throat as dry as desert papyrus with the answers to everything choking assertion except when the blessing of union crowds darkened vision, hampers the swallow of black. Death, you’ll wait, but smiling. In the end you’ll get it all, the soul, the hurt and the submission. And oh how this sinuous now is a delicacy to your taciturn occupation. And oh how each glance after the fall shows heights kept; it’s delicious disarray, prolonged by worship of this little, budding and sweet tomorrow. It costs thousands of these taut struggles, but better to live, lungs full but heart stung, than to be let off easy into an unknown abyss. This one is deep enough, and each breath allows a drop further into the dark, welcomed into slow mercy.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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