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Let’s tear it off. Clutch the fabric and rip until warm flesh presses, heats, and sweats under the rising need for release into that great pull beyond. Quiver. Moan. Oh you’ll beg. You’ll see night’s liquid shadows and dim cast against walls that look barely strong enough to withstand your climbing desire. And the crooked Heaven of unleased yearning sears like Hell with each kiss, suck and eager grip; fingers over the heaving of your chest and the excitement of each lingering taste of skin trailing down, lower, there. Until it’s a blur of now and memory, of this and the swallowing moment when each move is exactly right; each lick and thrust and knead tilting the world into those darker places you were instructed never to tread, but wanted to, always wanted to. And now you’re being lead down that path, your limbs starting to tense and the pounding of your heart beat, beat, beating hot blood laced with lust and that hunger, that driving need throbbing in your neck and ears. You’ll die from this, but what joy to fall into death, breath held, day so distant that the sun seems to have abandoned Earth and the hand on your face, on your jaw, your throat, a clutch not too forceful, but tight enough to breathe new fire from your lungs into your searing sex as twilight rips stars from their eons-old moorings and bathes you in celestial bliss, the rain of spent suns sprinkling on your skin as fever breaks. God calls, the wince and scream and suddenly wild embers dancing on skin cascade like warm tide rolling in, over the belly, the breasts, the shoulders, neck, head and limbs, like a stone dropped in a pond on fire. Such lovely disease, this trust. Such welcome freedom from reason, will now foresaken and the indomitable force of attraction shredding reserve, peace and cowardice. Such dreams are for those living unafraid of tiny deaths, but these moments are for heroes craving resurrection.

Considerable thanks to the lovely @artistic_memoirs who created this powerful, evocative image. As she’s not one for collaborations, it was a particularly huge honor to be trusted to compose something to one of her works. (at Release)

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