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Keep going, kid. The old men with their medals polished, their uniforms pressed, pride worn as prominent as the folds of age lining their faces – they all smile at you. You’re the home they fought for; you’re the dream they hoped would be realized as threats grew nightmarish in their view and they stood firm, looking toward the dawn when all that could be seen was an infinite night of fear and tremble. Their courage bought you safety, each step a gift from those still breathing and those we salute when we search the sky with our hearts and minds. Somewhere out there we replace horror and pain with the knowledge of lives better lived, loves welcomed and laughs allowed full volume. The blood of our flag, the navy of our dusks, the white of our hopes and so you walk, with purpose and buoyed by the spirits of those that want the best for you even though they’ve never met you. Say thank you by walking tall, knowing your good fortune and acknowledging the valor of strangers with brave souls. #veteransday #portsmouthnh #shipyard #child #walking #usa #love #poem #poetry #writer #writing (at Each Step)

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