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I Am Santo

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Kayla believed in the trust she felt for him, and that was rare. She didn’t know how to believe, was concerned she never would again, and they’d only known each other for less than few hours. But he decided to stay with her, missing his connecting flight home to Denver and instead staying with her in Philly. They’d met on a flight from Orlando and among the sloppily dressed tourists littering their plane and the columns of cauliflower blooming outside the plane window, they shared stories of their trips, their lives and then, easily and without hesitation, their loves. As the flight landed, their chemistry was sunlight in new morning, the warm liquid spill all are born to feel, but rarely experience. And as they stepped off the plane, into the open hurry of the gate, cold snuck into Kayla at the thought of his leaving, his taking back to the clouds and landing West, away. That chill spread in her like Autumn frost as he pulled his bag from the baggage claim conveyor and then he looked down for a moment, seriousness drawing his handsome, unshaven face long. When he looked up, his blue eyes were wet and he stepped over to Kayla without fear and kissed her softly on the lips, but long and with a kind of sureness that disarmed her completely. She kissed him back, fully giving her lips to him and letting any sense of self consciousness spill from her as her hair did now over the edge of their hotel bed. They’d known each other for less than eight hours, less than a work day, and she trusted him. And when they made love it was tender, the movements savored, the tightening grip and embrace exciting and fulfulling, the warmth of their meeting sex spreading waves of satisfaction onto the aching shores of their need. She kissed him deeply as they arrived together, breathless, and she could feel his lips unpurse in a smile beneath her own. Kayla smiled too because somewhere at 30,000 feet she left her worry among the clouds and landed with faith in a new beautiful heart now beating close to hers. (at Above Below)

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