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I Am Santo

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It’s one thing to search
Another to believe
In the burn of our ardor
We regret and we grieve.

The drive of today
Is the soul of tomorrow
An accelerated decline
Into the vacuum of sorrow.

The curve of such hips
The cup of each breast
The curiosity arising 
The cure to unrest.

Bless this vagabond 
With a firebreathed kiss
And awaken within
An unfettered bliss.

This wish 
This kitch
This unwed miss
A song unsung 
With lyrical grist
Chewed with bone
A discordant tryst
The carotid reason
An unyielding fist.

The belief in hunger
In a wisdom undone
This firestorm thunder
Ice born from the sun.

The beauty of dreams
Is the bend of reality
The erasure of miles
And embraced vitality.

Circumstance chokes,
The cock grows thick
Hot coals stirred by
Crimson lipstick.

This pinch
This flinch
This deal uncinched
Attraction explored 
With each driven inch.
The glory of union
The rising melody
Verses unlinked
By veracity.

Trust is a gamble
The struck matchstick
Cast into kindling
Ignition quick

A heart can’t be stolen
And promises of lust
Reveal thief motive
And disprove each trust.

Fire worships air to burn
But this distance provides none.
The flame grabs starved and thin
Believing in two as one. (at One)

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