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I Am Santo

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In this unblessed house, bones tremble under the pressure of pulsing ardor and she’s stirred, yet disconnected, body shifting and soul pulled as his weight bears down on her hungrily. She steels herself for the oncoming rush of his greed, the saliva trails he’ll leave on her neck and chest, and she tries to remember that it will be over soon, that his fires are short and fed by insufficient kindling for a true blaze. He breathes hard as he tongues at her, hands sliding this way and that, and she moans a false note of ecstasy to hasten his retreat. It’s become a game, and that alone warms her sex, looses her welcoming wet. He controls so much; the house, the money, the days and nights they spent together, but she holds sovereignty in the four corners of their bedroom, a queen of delicate stroking and groaning. Her body arches as her mind flits between thoughts of his finishing and the dream of a tomorrow when she can mean each quiver in her breath, untie herself from the act of yearning and truly feel desire for completion. There’s a man with large hands, thick shoulders and the heart of a bear awaiting her, and she dreams of making love to him in the new light of morning. She forgets it’s ten at night, closes her eyes tight against the shuddering above her and whispers into the night to her distant, unfound lover, “Take me. I’m ready. I want…” And then the man of her reality quakes breathlessly with ragged release and she whines in alleged delight, holding him tight; holding this life tight for her, the children, and comfort. As sleep blurs the edges of now, she listens to his satisfied slumber and understands it could be worse. He doesn’t hit her. He stays out of the way of the kids. And the house looks less ramshackle and more like a home, a place where she can unfurl her defenses and lay unburdened in twilight, silently summoning a love rich and sweet with not just her body, but her soul too offered as reward. “Take me. I’m ready,” she sighs into the dark. “I want…”

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