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In the Times Between Us

In the times between us
we loved only within moments together.
Lips overlapping, pressed, hot
moistened by expectation
and hunger.
I tasted truth there,
never meeting it again
when words replaced kisses.
Claiming I was special,
yet never was I exceptional enough.
Arguing I was beautiful,
the mirror insisting otherwise.
Laughing in ungraceful gasps
with eyes unsmiling.
Each an invitation rescinded,
a reminder we were apart,
a denial of sensed hunger.
In the times between us
I desired outside our moments together.
Clumsily searching for balance,
hiding from the rush.
Blood heated
nerves electric
I came alone.
Craving truth
I sought your lips.
Words were your offer,
a smile,
solitary as the gift.
Sunless months stretch
in the times between us
longing for loved moments together
I abide for truth and light.

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