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In the Mix

double3 exposure of milk clouding in a glass of water with two different colors, red and blue
Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lens
Well don’t they dip and dive, these benevolent souls craving rich desire? Sinking, undulating, blending sex and soul as if smoke in airless rooms, tendrils of need wrapping into each other as ribbons on gorgeous gifts. They thrust and kiss, succumbing and urging, each an overlapping double exposure on a single canvas, flooding channels with lust and peerless disregard for sensible art. Why censor when the profane begs utterance? To die is to relinquish life, dissipate into the greater body of these endless days and flirt with galaxies unraveled into delicate streams of dust. Gripping tender skin, unleashing moans and sighs in equal measure, flexing muscle and id hungrily, fingers in mouths, tongues lavishing attention. Known fates are whispered jokes among selfish Gods, and we trip and tremble in the wake of their laughter.

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