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In a Sky With No Angels

Sarah Grey and Paul Denborough are high school acquaintances who meet again under mysterious circumstances years after graduation. The meeting is brief, but the request from Paul is for Sarah to meet him in a hotel room across town. It is there that he will let Sarah in on a secret he promises will be very, very important. But Sarah may have some dangerous secrets of her own.

A story filled with unexpected plot-twists, In a Sky With No Angels weighs what is more important: answering the deepest of life’s questions or stopping the longing of one’s heart.

It became a 38 minute color short movie shot on digital video in 2003. Starring Kathy Nestor, Jason Santo, Anthony Villa, Sheri Carter and Roman Berman it was written, directed, produced and edited by Santo and was distributed in North America by Tempe Video on Bent three-dvd collection in 2004.

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