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I Am Santo

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He had run. Gwen’s voice rang in Adam’s ears, her shrill cries haunting as he left her in the hotel room after slipping his wedding ring back on. It had been two years of flirtation at work, conversing at days’ end in conference rooms and offices about what they’d do to each other; what they so wanted the other to do. And finally he’d pushed the envelope, getting the hotel room they’d always joked about. It was the first night of her husband’s annual kayak trip. Adam stepped into her office and, without a word, slid a card key across her desk. Stuck to it was a post-it note with the address and room number. Then he waited anxiously for her after work, wondering if she would come. Should he have planned a better alibi for his wife? Ina wouldn’t think anything of him being out late with the gang, would she? Should he shower before heading home? What if Ina was in the mood for once? His thoughts collapsed when the lock on the door clicked and a moment later Gwen was in the room, apologizing for being late. She’d wanted to go home and change into something appropriate, she said, removing her coat to reveal a thin white tank top without a bra underneath. She knew him well. And then they were kissing, he and Gwen. Gwen from work. Sexy, funny Gwen. And moans escaped them both, groans from years of thinking, talking, yearning and the bed was under her and she had her fingers in his hair. Perfect. She was perfect. And then, as if a switch were flipped, he stopped. Something black and ugly passed into him. Guilt? Something stronger, like a soul swallow, like overcast night in a Forest; pitch. He sat up fast and Gwen’s brow creased. Adam apologized and then he was gone, on the road to home, hearing Gwen in his mind, pleading with him to stay and then shouting at him, telling him he was cruel. He pulled off to the side of the road and heaving sobs overtook him. Cruelty. That was what had snuck into him as they kissed. But not toward Gwen, for he owed her nothing. In the sky he saw Ina, beautiful Ina, and he decided he would go home to his wife and try to be what she needed again, hoping this time her own inky darkness would allow her to notice him. 

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