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I Am Santo

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He asked the morning for forgiveness. In a voice left hoarse from the sick wail of waking, he pleaded but nature sighed and kept her rhythm. The day would carry on, mists trapping sunlight that pined for the Earth through spaces framed by crooked branches. The way he pined for her. Then it would flee, leaving the clear blue hours, the pull of shadows clinging to their familiar until they yielded to night, listless from pursuit across cracked brick, concrete, ice. And in the dark, he’d embrace stars with arms spanning light-years and knead faith between chaos fingers; grains stolen from shorelines of promise – a stained firmament gleaming bright with dreams. Each spark of ardor, each careening desire flashes in the moment between final and first thought, comet dust littering the infinite worry where light dies. At home in the grasp of the endless, he finds her there, smiling, arms extended, palms open and eyes searching for him. She reaches, never turns away, her back under his clasped hands, forever out of view and she brings her lips to his and he breathes, that fresh affection filling galactic capillaries with the mild sting of satisfaction; supernovae collapsing the distance between each impulse’s electric skitter across the folds of his mind. Alive in the depths of science and wonder, fed by the blank slate of sleep, isn’t it all possible? Can’t the unattainable caress return warm belonging lost during the failure of day? It’s light that kills the stars! With each revolution, hope dims within the clearest resolution, details obscuring the muddy awe with which he wrapped himself; his fantasies a woven blanket offering reprieve from the chill of every mistake. He wanted to bleed stars and have her follow the constellation of his failing heart into death. But the sun never forgives, and blood coats like sin, sticky remnants of a descent no one should follow. Light blinds, so his eyes close and he falls out of orbit where she waits awash in the still waters of a cosmos of his design. Let the world punish, he cries. Belief is forever only a blink away.
(at Sundrop Silence)

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