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I Am Santo

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Has God blessed any with such beauty? The choirs are unconvincing, the sermons ring false. Uttered passages echoing through dusty cathedrals in revered cadance, practiced like a child’s first steps and honored as if love from a parent; He couldn’t create anything this magical. This Creator of all things. This grand architect of infinity, the cosmos and inner space; one with attention scattered like wind driven snow could not finesse without exact and complete attention the delicate curves of these lips, the roundness of these eyes, the supple swell of a bosom beneath which throbs this fiery heart of perfect longing. His are flawed constructions, awe-inspiring and worthy of worship, but this epiphanic bloom among the shrinking petals of late autumn proves the Divine absent, His followers frantically paging through yellowed texts for reason and meaning as gloriously intoxicating as the upturned corner of this smile, the darkly thick warmth of this laugh and the rapturous embrace of immeasurable affection that scoffs not only at religion, but dismisses too the arrogance of science. Oh, can there be such sublime bouquet in this reality? A flower composed of everlasting allure unfolding only for the one soul vibrating with such flawless, like frequency that it unlocks an errorless blossom and dispels every feat of nature that stumbled up to these staggering moments of union; legs entwined, arms wrapped, bodies hugged close and sex hot with need. An unfurled gift of remarkable precision, each quality aligns as if a pair were cleaved long ago, in a life forgotten. It’s no surprise this meeting feels as if a dream realized, no wonder the yearning for presence aches like a lost limb. And disproven Heavens turn to a soft rain bringing new life to the world where Godless beauty reigns. Listen. It is the Earth growing with faith in love. Look. It is the end of mystery. Believe. The new history of worship begins with this kiss. (at Violet Bloom)

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