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Hand made, stone-carved turtle from Kenya on a windowsill
Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lens
Never crawling, enduring the progress of long days as a stationary stay on sills, shining sun kissing shell, smile drawn silent, this everyday companion lightens the weighted beats of a plummeting heart. The effort of each day melting ambition, mirrors claiming age’s victory, the lines of worry gray streaks pulled through thinning hair, each hour curses failure to live, succeed, find solace in the gift of waking. Screens pulse, lifeless displays courting aches from behind eyes drained of vitality, and menial successes stutter as if words from the lips of frightened children. Each shift is shoulder-weight, burdens thickening footfalls, but the shell protects with loving calm, a gift sent, well-met, placed in the heart of turmoil and thriving, combating every moment spent drowning by uplifting with handmade detail. A talisman of kindness, it breathes courteous fire, consuming the driftwood of toil’s empty oceans with remembrance of better things, apart from the tides, shorelines glittering with love’s leavings and dreams of fulfilling hope.

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