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I Am Santo

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Dreams rumble like the wheels of a car over deep Winter frost heaves. Lurching in misty consciousness at the border of memory and imagination, images pile like celluloid filmstrips laid atop each other; a thick world derived from narratives colliding and bathing in light as if they were the soft milk of confusion, moisturizing the taut skin of youthful consideration stretched over bones that bend but won’t break. Lips pursed, breath even, the ascent rollicking like roller coaster climb into the next detail, the realm of the impossible revealed with fresh perspectives unbent by skepticism or its ugly mud cousin, cynicism. The waters clear as a cerulean sky stretches possibility further than the sun’s reach, each whim carrying freight into a next scene, the cars bumping, crashing, the environment shaking with cantankerous urgency like a spilled cup of coffee in a nursing home. The crank bitterness of the unknown, what it must be like to behold new worlds with eyes wide as well as shut, that ceaseless procession of wonder and mystery alight in Northen Lights ripple, green iridescent Heaven wavering under watchful stars that glimmer with promise and exaltation like nods from family during the school play. And the world shifts and stumbles, a caustic wraith with bone chilling shrieks accosting the calm of understanding. Breath and pulse quickening. Sweat dampening and matting pillow-flattened hair, the worry a claxon howl jarring limbs into unrest, fitful cries piercing twilight like pins in a great ebony cushion. Arrest such fright with the blessings of sweet words falling from lips like flurries in the still of cold, warming with their gentle, frigid kiss by urging bloodrise. The whisper is deliverance, an embrace and tug away from the failures of succumbing and safe hands lift, release and allow blissful reunion. The car steadies, fleeing frozen doldrums for the verdant sprawl of kinder seasons; gliding smoothly into precious harmonies at home in starshine and welcome among seacaps cresting in the storm of youth.  (at Sleep, Child)

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