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“Daddy did the bugs hurt you?” his daughter asked. Simon reached for his neck. His fingers were stained lightly with blood. He smiled, the way he did at Daneen’s funeral to old friends showing up for tragedy, and told both of his now fretting kids that he was ok, it wasn’t his blood, but instead the exterminator who was setting up the bug bomb in their house. Not missing a beat, Alec wondered what the heck happened to him and Simon kept smiling, a mime on a street corner with an empty tip jar. He’s fine. His name is Kevin. He hit his head on the corner of the medicine cabinet that juts out past the edge of the sink in the bathroom while looking behind the toilet for a crack the roaches were coming from. The smile corners rose without force this time and Simon recalled his talk with fictional business chum Sam, about troublesome Kevin. Looks like that asshat got what he deserved.Cars 3 2017 film download

The kids weren’t convinced, but Simon stood and addressed Ellie who smiled weakly as if being offered a plate of food she didn’t like by a friend’s mom. He needed her to take Alec and Kailey to her house for a little bit while he got a hotel room. It wouldn’t be too much longer than the usual afternoon sitting she did. Ellie nodded, Simon hugged the kids and they stepped away, small shadows retreating on the brick wall and sidewalk. There’d be more questions, but a hotel room stay would be exciting and evidence enough for them to buy the tale. Simon pretended to head back to the apartment, catching Kailey check back over her shoulder, nervous like it was her first day of school earlier that year. Once they were out of sight, he hustled back to the car, expecting it or Jaimie’s proxy to have vanished. But no, the black car remained, as did the out-cold body of his attacker. Simon opened the back door, fished keys from the guy’s front pocket and then checked under the passenger’s seat for another weapon. No more screwdrivers. He then wiped the blood off his neck with a bare hand and cleaned it off on the guy’s pants. Here, you can have this back. Simon shut the door and climbed into the driver’s seat, turned the engine and drove slowly out of the parking lot. (To be continued…)

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