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Average Habits

closeup on the written pages of a journal
Shot with a Canon t2i using a 50mm, f1.4 lens
In this battle of habits, failing tendencies tug with innate ferocity, familiar as breathing. The commendable effort cracks in imagined perception, tasting of rotten fruit; sickening sour attached at the start of every intention with no memory of the sugar and salt awarded at each drive’s end. The pen falls simply, easily, leaving untold stories and worlds frozen. Exercise inhibits undisciplined muscle, growth arrested. Pages barren of daily fill, they starve without care or desire. Lives dissolve as sugar in water; sweet waste begging to entertain and empower, but swallowed by oceans of pause. Second thoughts slow creation’s heartbeat and ink clots, arresting a thriving pulse craving routine. The book closes, contempt a victor in this bloodless war of will. Good is deemed as such because it is daunting. Bad is simple. Common. You.

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