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The threat song undulates like a to-term child in the womb, its definition complete, lyrics like limbs scraping from inside, punching and kicking for birth. Hold it in. That fire and melody, that rhythm of the darkness, the thudding black purge that desires to evacuate, needs escape. Move and sway under new moon struggle, the […]

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Let’s keep our fingers knotted, baby. Like the briar wrapped under the moon Let’s give in to the urge and swoon And sway to our own private tune. Let’s put ourselves together, baby. We knew how to once before When our future held much in store And affection lived at our core. Let’s kiss like […]

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She dips low, beauty ducking from view with flare and golden offerings, and the world sinks into the cold waters of shadow. All things fade from her light. Though she gifts everything life, it all recedes from her as rot and wilt. Were it only possible to keep her shine on failing skin and mind. […]

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