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I believe in the faith Of a thousand turtles Guided by belief Driven by instinct. It’s like this affection. Natural and willing The culmination of Desire and need, Greed and lust, These eggs we bury On the shoreline Of togetherness. It’s a beautiful hunger. Awaking with hard yearning, The blush of heated skin Awaiting lips […]

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These words mask meaning like a crystal ball fakes futures; the hazy extract of purpose taking time and deliberation, likely providence of charlatans or the delusional. What lies beneath cloudy candor and convulsive colloquy? Connection? Contrivance? Character? Such slip-shod servitude to an alleged muse, it’s slung muck, equal parts cowardice to say what needs to […]

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Cast from the simple joy of limitless embrace, she’s absent a lifeline to what’s come before. Their past was hunger and nervous voices, words left in the high static of satellite assistance and baud packets dropped, found, throttled and connected as drops of their torrid union sweat on the windows of neither’s home. The sea […]

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