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All this fucking sin squeels Like a pig gutted in the charnel house and you you dive like the sun at the failure of day, a bastard clinging to the light you never deserved, an orphan screaming about her perfect parents, the moon and the stars, and how aligned they were In you slow, succumbing […]

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The sun gives warning before it brings night, the ugly dark preceded by firelight bathing the last minutes of day in Hellstorm hues that mirror the flush of this rage. And so this black descends. How fucking tired, your type. How gracious that you’ve been offered comparison to fleeting moments of day. Even if nature’s […]

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Rage shatters blessed vision, instinct unleashed. Feral emotion spreading as fire over a starved plain, and shards splinter as smoke in this burning moment, reason undone. Pleasures inhabit distant lands, seducing, laughing, flourishing in wet heat, breaths hitched and worry choked. So far from here where light cracks, breaking worship, murdering intention, efforts expiring with […]

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